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    1. solutions for structural steel fabricators solutions for structural steel fabricators solutions for structural steel fabricators

      Welcome to Ocean Machinery

      satructural steel fabricating solutions Welcome to Ocean Machinery, your one-stop shop for steel fabricating machinery, and a company focused on providing you relevant, affordable machinery to solve all your fabricating needs. Our after sales service and support sets us apart from all our competitors, and our customers stay with us for life.

      There are two aspects to our business. Ocean Machinery is unique in that it is both a dealer and a manufacturer.

      cnc structural steel fabricating machinery
      • Our own brand - The Ocean Solutions Range

      • Ocean Machinery is the developer of an entire range of machines designed specifically for the small to medium steel fabricator.

      • These products bear the Ocean Logo and are found in structural steel fabricators and engineering shops around the world.

      • These Ocean products are sold throughout the world through Ocean's extensive Ocean Dealer Network.

      • You can find these products on our Solutions page www.nxevd.com/solutions.

      cnc structural steel fabricating machinery
      • Brands that we Represent

      • Ocean Machinery represents a wide selection of the world's best brands of fabricating machinery, and our range of machinery is unequaled in the industry.

      • These machinery brands are primarily sold by our Florida sales reps and our inside sales reps.

      • We can ship from our Florida warehouse or drop ship to you directly from the manufacturer.

      • You can find these products on the left menu of our site www.nxevd.com.


      cnc structural steel fabricating machineryOcean Machinery is conveniently located in South Florida USA, the Gateway to the Americas, and this location provides exceptional opportunities to service our substantial North American clientele, as well our growing base of South American and Caribbean customers.

      Our staff has been servicing the Structural Steel Fabrication industry for over 40 years and has built up an enviable reputation of quality service and outstanding customer care.

      We pride ourselves in our quick response time, and if we don't have the specific machinery you are looking for in our large inventory, we will normally be able to track it down for you.

      Ocean Machinery works with top machinery leasing companies and our machinery leasing rates are the best in the business. We have a superb team of factory trained service technicians ready to assist with all your machinery needs.

      Please call us or email us directly with regard to your steel fabricating machinery needs. Our friendly sales staff will be only too pleased to assist you.


      Members of
      cnc structural steel fabricating machinery cnc structural steel fabricating machinery
      We accept the following major credit cards
      cnc structural steel fabricating machinery


      Financing Options Available

      We also offer attractive machinery financing plans. Please contact us for more information or visit our page on Machinery Leasing and Financing.


      More Ocean Products


      Ocean Machinery News

      CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Division Five

      customer spotlight

      Division Five, a structural fabricator located in Hollywood, SC, has been a valued customer of Ocean Machinery since their 2006 installation of the Terminator 1842 Saw and Avenger Drill Line... >> More

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